Review: "Booksthatmakeyoudumb"

This chart, titled "Booksthatmakeyoudumb" (and others like it that appear at "booksthatmakeyoudumb dot virgil dot gr", published by "virgil at caltech dot edu"), is a good example of a chart offering a facade of knowledge.

The author himself characterises the chart(s) as a bald grab for PageRank, "I seek Google linkage-love", and that seems to offer the most intelligent avenue for meaningful discussion about this chart and web page. Several points help with the quest for hits and links:
  • connection to Facebook
  • appearance of "analysis" leading to novel "results"
  • appeal to intellectual vanity
  • appeal to college esprit de corps
  • colourful diagram
  • opportunity for community drivel feedback
It would be great to see a chart that has these characteristics and offers novel insight about the world around us, but we'll just have to wait for that.

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